Episode 9: Old Man Logan! X23! That’s So Logan?

February 20, 2017

In This Episode!

Salutations, ReNerders! Matt and Chris prepare for the release of Logan by reading two X-tastic titles that influenced the film: Old Man Logan written by Mark Millar, illustrated by Steve McNiven, and X23: Innocence Lost, written by Craig Kyle and illustrated by Billy Tan. The two nerdy chums fight their way through Skype issues, gush over the Hulk’s inbreed progeny, and discuss the finer points of 90s Image art.

Give it a listen, bub!

Stuff We Mention!


Brian K. Vaughn

John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 2


Damage Control

Crimson Fox

Jack O'Lantern

• “King Homer” from Treehouse of Horror III

Star Wars Holiday Special


Chasing Amy

Scene from Mallrats discussing Superman and Lois Lane having sex

Hulk #181



Stan Lee



Dan Slott

Amazing Spiderman


Kingdom Come

Black Bolt

Dr. Doom

Red Skull

Captain America

The Man in the High Castle

Savage Land

Venom symbiote


Mole Man

Brandon Sanderson


Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road

Fantastic Four

Secret Defenders

The Time Traveler's Wife



Kitty Pryde


Peter David

Secret Wars



X-Men: Evolution

Billy Tan

X-Men: The Animated Series

Craig Kyle


Harley Quinn

Batman: The Animated Series

Marvel Comics Presents

War of Art


Wired for Story

Michael Turner



Rob Liefeld

All New Wolverine



Notes, Thanks, Apologies, Etc.!

Just a couple this week. First off: at the time of the recording, Chris was editing a bout with wintertime illness and Matt was entering one. This explains our raspy-yet-sexy vocal stylings.

We are sorry if we sound a bit off kilter - we were having Skype issues. Yay! We discovered that Skype works best for us for sound quality and family time quality - so we hope you bear with us!

Also: Chris mistakenly said that the conversation about Superman and Lois Lane trying to have a kid was in Chasing Amy. Turns out it was in Mallrats. We included the link to the clip from Mallrats

The Next Assignment!

This one is MONSTROUS. To prepare for the forthcoming Kong: Skull Island flick, Matt has assigned the original 1933 King Kong and the 1976 remake, also named King Kong. Journey with us to Skull Island and experience (or re-experience) the terror and majesty of the KING.


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